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Fraser Hay (Fraz)

Fraser Hay is founder of It Stacks Up is a h@ppeneur®, author of “20+ Books on Amazon” and a “International Keynote Speaker” who has spoken professionally on 4 contintents . An Author of 20+ books on amazon, and has documented over 2000 entrepreneurial challenges and solutions to help individuals define their processes and workflows. Can he help you? Maybe. Maybe not. But, there’s a quick way to find out and it’s FREE. Get in touch for a FREE Strategy Call.
picture of it stacks up founder fraser hay
Marketing Strategy, Technology & AI 93%
International Keynote Speaker 91%
Business Coach & Author (20+ books) 92%
Resilience 94%
darren headshot
MarTech Stack Integration 94%
Workflow & Funnel Design 94%
iPaaS, API & Widget Integration 91%
CMS Design & Integration 92%
Technical Wizard

Darren McWilliam (Daz)

Daz is the Chief Techie at It stacks Up. Excellent analytical & design skills combined with excellent project management skills to deliver on time and within budget.

A skilled software developer and designer of CMS Technical platforms.

Canva Queen

Lauren Hay (Loz)

Loz is a talented designer of marketing content and ad creatives for many different social media platforms including Facebook, Pinterest & Instagram. 

Chief Content Creator and strategist for planning, scheduling and posting content and ad campaigns.

Branding & Design 95%
Content Strategy 90%
Social Media Engagement 93%
Copywriting & Blogging 91%
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